Admissions for 2023-24 is open for grades PreKG to XI.


We appreciate that parents/carers who are new to our school will have many questions and concerns. Staff at the school are often asked questions in relation to your child’s education, school timings, procedures and a myriad of other topics. We won’t have answered them all here of course but we have provided answers below to our most commonly asked questions in the hope that parents are able to find information they are looking for quickly without having to take time out to contact the school. If your particular question is not answered here then please do contact the school via our Contact Us page.

The School not only concentrates on the gentle unfolding of the total personality of children, it also provides academic excellence coupled with training to induce the right attitudinal change to develop in them the sense of service to others. CVMIS gives a lot of emphasis to our culture and practice its noble principles like service, non-violence, respect to other religions, living in harmony with nature through Chellappan Yuva Kayden (ChYK)-The Social Club.
a. Birth Certificate from the Municipal Corporation / Civic Authorities
b. A copy of the latest progress report certified by the school in which the student last studied ( if applicable )
c. Individual passport size color photographs of the students and the parents to be enclosed
d. Transfer Certificate / Migration Certificate
e. Wellness Record duly signed by the physician.
Academically weak students are meticulously observed and are made to follow a well devised regimen of learning pattern that helps them to overcome their weakness and join the main stream. A test is conducted which monitors a child’s performance and his weaknesses. On the basis of the monitoring, suitable tutoring and remedial classes are conducted wherein personalized tutoring ensures mapping of the child’s academic progress.
CVM International School believes in training the body as much as in training the mind. The same is accomplished through The Chellappan Sports Academy (CSA). Excellent facilities are provided for both outdoor and indoor games. Under the guidance of trained personnel, students can exercise at the gym or take part in any game.
The vision of The CVM International School “is committed to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child, creating lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With parents as our partners, we aspire to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values.”
The proposed teacher student ratio is 1:12 in pre-primary, and 1:20 in primary and 1:30 in the other classes.
We follow CCE /FAs / SAs/Project Work as a part of ongoing assessment of very child. A sound evaluation and assessment system has been designed to form an integral part of day-to-day learning and can be implemented during the normal course of teaching learning process to maximize students’ learning.
We have a specially designed curriculum. The CVM International School Learning System is mapped to the requirement of National Curriculum Framework 2005/CBSE guidelines and the NCERT Syllabus. The goal of our curriculum is to open minds and break the boundaries confining learning. It caters to the needs of all types of learners, allowing them to learn at their own pace. It is interactive and experiential in its approach, providing them with a joyful learning experience
Archery, Skating, Cycling, Yoga, Karate, Silambam, Chess, Dance (Classical and Western), Keyboard (Western) and Singing.
The CVM International School hires qualified teachers with good communicative skills across the globe. Every teacher undergoes an additional certification course on strategies of classroom teaching.
Parents are our partners and we appreciate suggestions inputs and their cooperation in ensuring the success of various school activities /events. As Parent Ambassadors they play an important role for the successful running of the school. We have a guest speaker program where we would like parents to share their inputs on their areas of expertise. Further, they can help by enthusiastically encouraging the quest for knowledge when their children seek information, material or guidance for their projects.
The prime focus of our campus security is complete perimeter sanitisation. Strict control on entry is a key to safety and the school ensures that parents, vehicles, vendors and service providers – use separate manned gates. Round-the-Clock security of the campus is ensured through over 150 strategically located CCTV cameras monitored continuously by our security personnel.

The Transport facility currently includes 26 buses that are equipped with a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and on board cameras. This allows us to monitor speed, location and geo fencing of the route. This effectively ensures the safety and security of scholars on board. Parents/Guardians are expected to carry the Escort Card at all times during the pick-up and drop at any given point.
Yes, we encourage our children in participating in competitions like Olympiad, Spell Bee and many other sports competitions.
We start boarding facility from grade 3 onwards and the child should complete 7yr of age by March 31st for the upcoming April session
1. The campus is fully air conditioned
2. 25mbps internet connection, Wi-Fi campus.E-library, e-classrooms, computer labs,
3. Career counselling grade 6 onwards
4. Largest multipurpose indoor auditorium.
6. Separate fields for basketball, cricket & football
7. 24/7 doctor & nurse available in campus
8.24/7 CCTV monitoring
9. GPS enables school busses and a lot more.
10. 24/7 security service
Every new day starts with morning assembly at 9:00 a.m for which children are expected to reach school by 8:45 a.m. Every evening children salute the nation with a patriotic song and disperse by 3:40 p.m
The class teacher and the school reception should be provided with the details of the change in pick up plan well in advance.
Parents can intimate the class teachers through leave letters or through The ChellappanVidya Mandir School App.
No. Fancy jewellery or gadgets are strictly not permitted. Small simple earrings alone are permitted. Children are allowed to use simple wrist-watches from Grade 3.
With the present sedentary lifestyle of children and dominance of technology over mankind, children spend most of their time on gadgets and indoor games. A boarding school helps a child to overcome these challenges by engaging a child physically and mentally in a constructive, disciplined and innovative environment. As a result, the child grows up to be a competitive, academically sound and a responsible individual.

If you have not found the answer to your question, please follow the link to our Contact Us page where you can request answers via our contact form. If your issue is urgent then telephone details are also available.