Admissions for 2024-25 is open for grades PreKG to XI.


In order to assess children in the co-scholastic areas, various activities are conducted throughout the year by the following Clubs.

  1. English Language Club
  2. Mathematics Club
  3. Science Club
  4. Social Science Club
  5. Language Based Club
  1. Tiny Tots Club
  2. Fine Arts Club
  3. Sports Club
  4. Quiz Club
  5. Hobby Club


Our students are actively engaged in numerous co-curricular activities to ensure an all round development. Students are permitted to choose any two activities in an academic year to enable them to learn new skills. Our particular range of extra-curricular activities includes.

  1. Yoga and Gymnastics
  2. Community Service
  3. Life skills
  4. Chess
  5. Karate
  1. Silambamub
  2. Western Dance
  3. Classical Dance
  4. Classical Music


In order to develop a sense of patriotism and imbibe discipline among children, the following schemes have been introduced.

  1. Bunnies for the KG sections
  2. Cubs and Bulbuls for the Primary sections
  3. Scouts and Guides for Middle and Secondary sections
  4. NCC
  5. Junior Red Cross
  1. Rangers and Rovers for the Senior Secondary sections
  2. NSS