The Style Of Education

“A School is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside”.

“The destiny of humans is shaped in the classrooms”.

CVMIS as a school for the 21st century advocates the following 4 pillars of Learning. .

  • Pillar 1 – Learning to know
  • Pillar 2 – Learning to do
  • Pillar 3 – Learning to live together
  • Pillar 4 – Learning to be
  • Maximum opportunities are provided in the school to encourage initiative, self – reliance and leadership qualities. Special efforts are also made to indentify the children with any special ability and talent.
  • The medium of instruction is English. English is the official communication language is school.

Languages Taught:

In India, school education should prepare children to live with various linguistic multiplicity. Keeping this in mind, CVMIS provides opportunities to learn the following languages.