At the end of Primary school, students At the end of Secondary school, students At the end of Post – Secondary education, Students
Are able to distinguish right from wrong Have moral integrity Have moral courage to stand up for what is right
Know their strengths and areas for growth Believe in their abilities Are resilient in the face of adversity
Are able to co-operate, share & care for others Able to adapt to change Are able to collaborate across cultures and be socially responsible
Have a lively curiosity about things Are able to work in teams ans show empathy for others Are innovative and enterprising
Are able to think for and express them-selves confidently Are creative and have an inquiring mind Are able to think critically and things communicate persuasively
Take a pride in their work Are able to appreciate diverse views and communicate effectively Are purposeful in the pursuit of excellence
Have healthy habits and an awareness of arts Take responsibility for their own learning Lead a healthy lifestyle and have an appreciation for the aesthetics
Are physically active enjoy physical activities and appreciate the arts Are balanced in behaviour

Type of Assessment Percentage of weightage in academic session Month Term wise weightage
First Term
Formative Assessment 1 10% April – June FA1 + FA2 = 20%
Formative Assessment 2 10% July – August
Summative Assessment 1 30% September SA1 = 30%
Formative Assessment 3 10% October – November FA3 + FA4 = 20%
Formative Assessment 4 10% December / January
Summative Assessment 2 30% March SA2 = 30%